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The American Association of Geographers (AAG) was established in 1904 in Philadelphia as Association of Americans Geographers. In January, 1st 2016, the organization president, Sarah Witham Bednarz PhD, announced the change of name to the current AAG.

This was devised to cater for the changing trends in international presentations. This motive was seconded by the president of geography professor Erick Sheppard who believed the name change reflected diversity in United States organizations.

The new outfit included non-American regions and groups. The AAG has a membership of over 10.000 groups spread to over 60 countries. It includes professionals and geographers both in the private and public sectors and in higher schools of learning.

AAG has a reward scheme known as James R. Anderson named after the former chief geographer of the US geological survey. It awards those individuals with prominent contributions to the geography profession. These individuals are drawn from the government, private sector, literature, education, research or the geography industry.


The AAG has two main journals:
1.The Professional Geographers
2.Annals of the Association of American Geographers

Also, it issues the Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas which guides higher learning institutions offering degrees, certificates and other geography courses. Lastly, the AAG circulates a monthly newsletter containing geographical issues, current discoveries of AAG members and a job column.

The AAG conducts meetings annually since its inception. It attracts over 7000 participants. Discussions are mainly on climate change, political instability, population dynamics, agriculture and natural calamities.

The AAG has over 60 branches of learning and voluntary groups that focuses on specific topics or regions. It has valued partnerships with various government agencies, private groups and non-profit organizations. This partnership includes National Institute for Health, United States Geological Survey and other valued partners.

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Business Travel Management Company

Business travel management companies (TCM) are really helpful because they handle everything for the company to take it out of its hands. It need to have someone who will help planning all the travel trips, and it need to have someone who does this as a major service.

Travel management companies are taking care of everything, and they are making it much easier for the company to figure out how it will get all their employees to the places that they need to go.
It is much easier for these people to get the work done because they work in the industry every day, and they cannot waste time.

A travel management company just makes the bookings, and the employee moves on to a new trip. These companies will be able to get this done so much faster, and they will avoid problems that are caused when people are trying to make their own plans with no success.

The Planning Phase

The planning is done by the travel management company because it is told what is needed, and then it makes sure that the trips are put together the right way.
It is much easier to get the work done on the trips because these companies will have an idea of how each employee needs to travel. They know what to do, and they make sure that it gets done in a timely manner so the people who are traveling will have all their documents.
They can make it much easier for people to get the results they need, and they will have a chance to learn what they can change about the trip if they need to do.

Working directly with a travel management company for a fee is so much easier than wasting time doing it alone because doing it alone just takes too much of everyone’s time.
These people have the sufficient experience and know that they have make changes to the way that they are going to make their plans continuously, and that they have to talk to a company and their employees to improve their services.

Making Group Plans

Making group plans is very hard for a lot of people to do because they often have no idea how many people are going to be on the trip, and they have to find accommodations that will work for them. They need to pick activities that will work for everyone, and then they need to make sure that they can get everyone onto the trip itinerary. It is much easier for someone with good experiences to do this for them, and that is why hiring a travel management company for a fee is easier.

The best thing that can happen to a company is having someone step up and do this. Only, a travel management company or an own travel manager, in case of a big company, knows how to make the travels as efficient as possible, and will pick a form of travel that is better for everyone.

Picking Dates That Work

Working with a company that can get in all the dates that are needed makes the calendar easier to create, and it is something that employees need to keep in mind because there is no other way that they will be able to make heads or tails of the plans alone. It is useful if they know that they have someone on their side, and they need to know that they can change their plans if they want.

Most companies get scared when they think that they cannot change their plans easily, but it is necessary for them to do that when they want to do their business with success.
Every bad idea in travel starts with something that is too complicated. There are of course a few cons of using a travel agency that some companies might consider:

Travel agencies make complex plans for companies with a medium size. – For small companies, especially if their employees only traveling very seldom, the costs for hiring an agency might be too high in relation to the time and work which has to be spent to manage the business travels. On the contrary, for very big companies with lots of business travel trips it might be more effective to have their own business travel department.
Some business companies may need special travel programs because of their special work, e.g. the oil and gas industry. Here, it is useful to do some researches and find the perfect travel management company which is an expert in this.

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