2018 September


Villa Celimontana is the central collection and preservation home of all documentary materials globally. These materials include books, manuscripts and geographical maps. The home has a long history since 1572, when it was built to the acquisition by the Italian government after the World War I. The home was handed over to the city of Rome which granted it to Geographical Society in 1926.

The Home of Geography has improved its infrastructures resulting to safer storage with improved roles. With the leadership of the outgoing Director Prof. Armando Montanari, a memorandum of understanding was signed by International Geographical Union (IGU) and the Italian Geography Society.

The aim was to support geography, both locally and globally, to manage and conserve International Geographic Union materials, organize meetings and networking with global geographical stakeholders and to provide technical support to geographers.


The IGU is committed to improve its invaluable collections by channeling more acquisitions, deposits, and gifts to its premises. The library is strategically organized with future mission in mind. The president and the secretariat utilize the upper rooms.
Meetings take place at Giussepe Dalla Vedova and the historical materials, videos, photos and museum collections are preserved in the upper level. The lower level has six rooms where the society’s board meets and serves as a reading room.

The IGU has collected archives from London and Bonn dating back from 1956 to 2000. These materials contain the meaning of IGU, working and study groups, member countries, newsletters, affiliations with other organizations and financial income and expenditure of the union.

IGU has established home of geography publication series, information network, geography website and newsletters to disseminate and collect geographical materials worldwide. In addition, meetings and conferences are organized periodically to team up with technical geographers and IGU executive committee to coordinate international geographical events.

The new Director, Prof. Giuliano Belleza has been ushered in to implement the future objectives of IGU. He is expected to update the paper and video archives and restore the missing documentations, enhance IGU publication series and network, distribute Home Geography in Italian Universities and maintain continued seminars and conferences.

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