2019 April

Artificial Intelligence extending into Video Games

Artificial Intelligence is beginning to find its way into the hands of businesses. One of the biggest industries in today’s world, the gaming community, and gaming development. This was always to be expected, of course, seeing how such a company should be highly diverse in technology development. It’s this business that has found the most use of AI and made it an extreme part of what they do.
Many people imagine that when a video game is produced, a team of human individuals work together to create the soundtracks, shape the characters, design the characters, make the levels, etc. And in fact, that is what happens. But what few people don’t know is that nowadays as graphics grow better, this is done with AI’s help. Artificial Intelligence has been a critically used source for creating levels and forming the code used to make the game itself.

Usage of AI in the past and present

In a number of games, artificial intelligence has managed to scan items and objects from previous series. With the use of two artificial intelligence algorithms, they scanned things in the game such as the number of levels, measurements, and sizes of various rooms to form a new variation of the game. It’s been said that the 1993 first-person shooter “DOOM” has used this technique in order for developers to be relieved of such a strenuous task of recreating some elements. Now in the hands of AI, a simple base has been premade and team members can make variations as needed.
The process of the two AI algorithms is a simple procedure of one making the work and the other checking it to determine how well it was made and if it’s believable. This, in turn, has made great work to be revised into the brilliant quality graphics gamers see today.

Artificial intelligence in gameplay

On the other side of gaming comes the actual gameplay involved in AI. Of course, this is where many people know they are most common. What people understand as “playing against the computer” is the AI designed with a type 1 personality, where it is programmed to react purely to the player’s decisions and has been used throughout all games. And while it makes for great entertainment and innovation, this technology has been warned to be a problem.
The big investor and entrepreneur, Elon Musk mentioned how products and services with highly intelligent AI could be a great downfall to society. Seeing as it makes people’s lives ten times easier, it also comes with complications of learning so much based on an archived memory of human interaction and behavior. Now, the way this translates over to the gaming community is simple. A project known as “AlphaGo” has been known for beating even the best human Go players, and this was done by an archived memory of previous encounters and learning how people behave.
There is joy in fighting computers, but when it grows to the point of learning so much that no one can stop it, it could take the fun out of the game.
These AI and most AI in video games these days and years before have followed a simple type 1 pattern of behavior when playing against the player. A “Finite State Machine” procedure that has a list of rules the AI must carry out when faced with a certain reaction from the player.
The debate is that projects like AlphaGo would rather not focus on finding better ways to defeat human players, but rather that technology would be used to form better types of AI that would make for a better experience for the player.

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The Idea of AI becoming stronger than us could come sooner than we think

This isn’t a topic that is relatively new. It’s been discussed for ages. A point where people fear the rise of AI and the point it will take over humanity. Humanity is obsessed with itself, with advancing itself and making things easier for themselves. But all this sometimes becomes unnecessary, and people can grow to the point where they lose a sense of the basics and forget the things that really matter, and thus turns into a loss of connection with nature. So many people argue that this development is not a way of making things easier for life, but rather a distraction to make people sluggish.
Technology has come to a point where activities require people to sit for long periods of time, which will have long term negative effects on a person’s health. And now people have come to a position where they no longer need to leave their house to get anything they need. With these home devices and smart speakers, no one knows who could be listening to them in their own homes.

Fewer people that are “awake”

Elon Musk, a well-known billionaire, entrepreneur, and investor has been one of the biggest voices on this pending situation. He himself knows of the troubles that are to face humanity should this technology progress to a point it can teach itself. In a recent article, he is noted to call AI “more dangerous than nukes”.
Those that only see from a business perspective and see AI development as innovation have said that Musk’s ideas are less than ridiculous. It’s the flaw in the individuals that ignore the signs all around a society that are led to a downfall sooner than later. Musk stated “They (those that are for AI improvement) think they know more than they do, and think they are smarter than they actually are. This tends to plague smart people.”
Musk’s statements are ones that are beginning to make people think. With an artificial intelligence that has a type 2 or 3 AI, where it has the capability to understand human emotion and retain knowledge and memory, people have put more of these machines in situations where they are able to learn more by themselves. This results in what Musk says will be a point humans can no longer manage AI in a safe way.

Being Unaware and Reckless

So many companies involved in this “AI movement” only seem to be invested in profits and a means to stay in the public eye. A simple malfunction is nothing compared to the other success they’ve had and profit that comes with it. In another recent article from the Forbes, it details how various businesses have launched projects and machines without builders and company heads knowing the risks involved. Another company manufacturing light detection sensors had an unsuccessful product as a truck using them failed to switch on, and thus killed an innocent bystander. Their response was less than sympathetic or concerned.
This type of behavior and recklessness will be the start of a demoralized ideas in technology, with the public put in harm’s way.

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