The American Association of Geographers (AAG) was established in 1904 in Philadelphia as Association of Americans Geographers. In January, 1st 2016, the organization president, Sarah Witham Bednarz PhD, announced the change of name to the current AAG.

This was devised to cater for the changing trends in international presentations. This motive was seconded by the president of geography professor Erick Sheppard who believed the name change reflected diversity in United States organizations.

The new outfit included non-American regions and groups. The AAG has a membership of over 10.000 groups spread to over 60 countries. It includes professionals and geographers both in the private and public sectors and in higher schools of learning.

AAG has a reward scheme known as James R. Anderson named after the former chief geographer of the US geological survey. It awards those individuals with prominent contributions to the geography profession. These individuals are drawn from the government, private sector, literature, education, research or the geography industry.


The AAG has two main journals:
1.The Professional Geographers
2.Annals of the Association of American Geographers

Also, it issues the Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas which guides higher learning institutions offering degrees, certificates and other geography courses. Lastly, the AAG circulates a monthly newsletter containing geographical issues, current discoveries of AAG members and a job column.

The AAG conducts meetings annually since its inception. It attracts over 7000 participants. Discussions are mainly on climate change, political instability, population dynamics, agriculture and natural calamities.

The AAG has over 60 branches of learning and voluntary groups that focuses on specific topics or regions. It has valued partnerships with various government agencies, private groups and non-profit organizations. This partnership includes National Institute for Health, United States Geological Survey and other valued partners.

Author: igu on June 15, 2018
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