EUGEO is an Association of Geographical Societies formed by European countries to align research, education and science on Geography of Europe. It has 21 members who have formed a strong network for dealing with European geographical undertakings.

It was established in 1994 in Rome at the home of geography – Villa Celimontana. The president of the association is Prof. Henk Ottens who is serving a second term. The secretary General is Dr. Massimiliano Tabusi. The EOGEO has two members who have served since 2012.

Individual countries’ associations were formed by geographical experts drawn from educationists, politicians and businessmen. These experts had invaluable knowledge on past military activities, international trading and global colonization which forms the basis of the current geographical researches.

The society organizes media events, publications, exhibitions, political lobbying and international networking. Individual societies produce atlases, monographs and other geographical materials. Historical materials, reports from expeditions, books, drawings globes and artifacts are under their jurisdiction.


Geography teaches and inspires people to understand and know the earth and the world in depth. It gives the hands-on information to practice geographical arts and science. Geography strives to reveal how people, societies and environment interact daily in the local settings to global fronts. Geography is divided into Physical and Human Geography. Physical Geography is involved in patterns and processes in the natural environment.

Human Geography encompasses man made impacts meted on the environment. Geography has a long history and has been applied by policy makers in designing urban centers, rural areas and various physical infrastructures.

EOGEO organizes yearly conferences to update members on the current Geography and Geographical society’s issues in Europe. It promotes education and generates research topics affecting the member countries. Current activities have resulted in strengthened geographical teaching in Italy and an overhaul of Geography syllables in Australia.

Author: igu on May 11, 2018
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