IAG/AIG is an international association of specialists in landforms origin, their classification, development and history. It was established in 1989 in Frankfurt, Germany during the second international conference. Its core mission is to network with international and regional groups, hold conferences and share new insights in geomorphologies.

63 countries are members of IAG through their national executive councils. IAG has a constitution which was ratified in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. It outlined the name, objectives, membership, affiliations and activities of the organization.
The executive members are elected and include the president, three vice presidents, secretary, treasurer and a publications officer. The elected members are to be drawn from different countries and will serve a term not exceeding four years.

IAG has several working groups that work independently. An example is the Dendrogeomorphology whose main activity is devising ways to standardize the collection of specific geological processes over a period of time and a uniform way of analyzing them.


There is an upcoming IAG conference to be held in New Delhi, India from 6 – 11th of November. India will show case its mountains, delta, plains, wetlands and plateaus which boast of before and after the conference. Members, institutions, corporate and companies have been requested to sponsor or enroll in the event to make it a reality.

A total of 40 technical sessions will be carried out in the conference whose theme will be “Geomorphology and Society.” The IAG holds workshops periodically. The latest workshop involved geomorphologists under the age of 35 years titled “Martian Gullies and Their Earth Analogues” in June, 2016. Several award schemes are available for those geomorphologists who have shown exemplary results in their area of expertise.

IAG has several publications and newsletters. An example of these publications is: Piotr Migon, Heather, A. Viles (Eds): Sandstone geomorphology – landscape formation, Field mapping, research methods, volume 59, 2015.

Author: igu on April 11, 2018
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