The international festival of geography is held every year to showcase new innovations and how they impart on our daily activities. During these festivities, geographers globally are invited to take part in its realization. The latest festival was held Saint-Dié-des-Voges; Belgium in 2016. The theme of the festival was “A world that goes faster.”

Among other issues, speed in journalism was debated. The advent of immediate reporting of news was on the table. Questions were put forward as to the need to inform the public on news that are not substantiated and the need to be the first to report. The older form of reporting has been drastically changed.

According to Jochen Gerner of the illustrator press, journalists report news without ascertaining their authenticity. This has led to people not believing in news any more. Eric Fottorino of the World Today Newspaper, editor the one, refers to it as the “Dictatorship of the moment” where reporters are forced to report on news first and check legitimacy later or risk losing their jobs.


During the event, Jules Ferry’s students and Zokatos’ artists showcased their contribution by painting the sidewalks which guided the participants to various places in the FIG. The place of geography study was discussed and proposals were put forward to make geography fun to teach.

Students had to be more involved in critical thinking. For example, they had to ask themselves on the origin of food, how they are produced and transported. It was also recommended that students should regularly hold seminars, just to learn differently.

FGI has several competitive prizes that are awarded to participants. Competitors are required to submit geographic issues that address all topics and should have innovative presentation. Participation is free and participants can contact FGI through

Author: igu on April 5, 2018
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