Young earth scientists’ association was established in the year 2007. The idea was borne in 2007 which was The International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE). It is composed of young career geologist’s scientists below the age of 35 years. The association targets university students, geosciences organizations and companies globally.
The main aim of YES is to form an international network of individuals with expertise in geology to help solve the climatic, geosciences and environmental problems. The network is also committed to sustain the IYPE motto of “Earth Sciences for Society.”

YES is composed of 16 regional groups namely: East Midland, East Anglian, East Midlands, Central Scotland, Home Counties North, Hong Kong, South East, North Iceland, Solent, North West, Northern, South West, Yorkshire, Thames Valley, Western and Southern Wales.

YES is also composed of several specialist groups who have a world-wide network. This group includes Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group, Tectonic Studies Group, Quaternary Research Association, Petroleum Group, Near Surface Geophysics Group, Mineral Deposits Studies Group, Geochemistry Group, Geological Society discussion group, Geological remote sensing groups and several other geological specialists’ groups.


The latest YES meeting was held in Tanzania in 2014. The theme was coined as “Bridging Geo-Generations into Global Earth Sciences Integrations”. The first international congress was held in China University of geosciences in Beijing, China in the year 2009.

This was organized under the sponsorship of UNESCO with IYEP teaming up with the group. The conference discussed various climatic, geosciences and environmental issues and how they impart on the society. Challenges facing early career geoscientists were also discussed.

There are several upcoming events slated for November 2016. This includes 2nd south east England regional conference at the Worthing College among others. For more information on current events you can log on For more information on YES network you can also log onto their website:

Author: igu on January 11, 2018
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