Artificial Intelligence

Corporations and Travel Management with Artificial Intelligence

As technology innovation continues to grow worldwide, so does business and corporations in an attempt to keep up and remain in the public eye. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been made a huge part of the lives of many and expanded to various areas and fields. It’s ever-growing knowledge and memory capacity sparks an interest in… read more »

Adapting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a business

Artificial Intelligence has continued to be on the rise and a constant topic in the early 20th century. There is a lot of debate of its usefulness and necessity. While in some cases it proves to be a very convenient addition to human life, others find such a form of evolution to be dangerous. While… read more »

Home Devices and Virtual Assistants In Business

Smart speakers and home devices have become one of the hot topics of the day. There is so much controversy and debate of whether these devices are extremely useful, or a pending problem just waiting to arise. Their usefulness proves exceptional, and at the same time unnerving. Millions of Americans have been noted to using… read more »

Artificial Intelligence and Travel

Artificial intelligence has now expanded to the travel industry and business, meaning in many cases things have been made much easier for those looking to plan a trip and those providing the service. However, with this revolutionary technology on the rise and expanding its empire, there are many who still have their doubts and conflicting… read more »

Artificial Intelligence extending into Video Games

Artificial Intelligence is beginning to find its way into the hands of businesses. One of the biggest industries in today’s world, the gaming community, and gaming development. This was always to be expected, of course, seeing how such a company should be highly diverse in technology development. It’s this business that has found the most… read more »

Self driving cars: Is it revolutionary or destruction on wheels?

Society in the 21st century hasn’t quite made it to flying cars, but for the time being it’s managed to produce self-driving cars. A path which some would say is the start to flying cars and greater opportunities. But with this innovation that has been envisioned for generations, there are great benefits but also terrible… read more »

Greater Knowledge and Machine Learning

The time is fast approaching where the late years and highly developed technology we see in science fiction movies are coming to life. But contrary to belief, the highly advanced type of AI people were once expecting is still taking some time to achieve. There are even some misunderstandings of what machines and robots are… read more »

4 Types of artificial intelligence

As the world continues to progress, it has seemed unavoidable that technology becomes an increasing part of day to day life. While many see this as great importance and convenience, others argue it could be the downfall of humanity. However, it depends on how far people are willing to allow AI to go. When thinking… read more »