IGB is an international, scientific committee working under the patronage of the International Geographical Union. It has the updated geographical publications globally, written in English and French languages.

The IGB analyzes geographical books, journals, theses, maps, atlases and congresses.

It started operations in 1891 focusing on geographical issues. It analyzes geographical books, journals, theses, maps, atlases and congresses. It also includes a network of geographical specialists who offer insights on some countries or issues on study.
IGB has a scientific committee which was set up in 2000. It ensures that scientific policy of database is continuously updated. It is composed of nine members who meet after every two years.


The chronology of publications starts from the year 1891. The journal Annales de Geographie was written by P. Vidal de la Blache and M. Dubois. L. Raveneau was the sub-editor and was in charge of the Bibliography. In 1921, French Association of geographers was established and it published the IGB independently by Elicio Colins.
In 1932, the Cairo International Geographical Congress published the journal and changed its name to International Geographical Bibliography. The journal was published again in 1949 with the support of UNESCO under the patronage of IGU.

In 1951, Pierre George who was in charge of Eastern Europe became the editor. He maintained and covered all areas of interest satisfactorily.
From 1953 to 1976, various publications were produced. In 1976, the work was computerized by Roger Brunet. It consisted of a bulletin and a bibliographic database, both in English and French. About 1986, a 12-member international committee was being set up. Various publications were done from 1991 to 2009, when the keywords were translated into Spanish.

In 2010, the website on the internet was created. On this site, one enters the keywords of the area of interest and details pop up. Research servers were also designed for producing specific results like pictures in the area of interest.
2012 saw the IGB website having both French and English languages. In 2014, the IGB database was closed as the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), which presented a scientific and technical information strategy came into force.