Self driving cars: Is it revolutionary or destruction on wheels?

Society in the 21st century hasn’t quite made it to flying cars, but for the time being it’s managed to produce self-driving cars. A path which some would say is the start to flying cars and greater opportunities. But with this innovation that has been envisioned for generations, there are great benefits but also terrible destructions that could follow. The ideas are further reaching than alleviation of stress when not driving, and much more dangerous than a simple car crash when comparing the good to the bad.

Society in the 21st century hasn’t quite made it to flying cars, but for the time being it’s managed to produce self-driving cars.

Self-driving Cars – a Curse or a Blessing?

So many have heard the disappointing discussions of machines taking people’s jobs. Things such as a self-checkout machine at a store replacing a cashier. A self-driving car is no different in this case. Assume that these new machines are used as a taxi service, which is another person’s source of income depleted. But looking even further into the technology aspect of things, when a person takes this taxi service a number of questions can run through their minds.

They may wonder if it’s safe, or could there be an accident with others on the road not using these self-driving machines. And these questions are reasonable enough, seeing as any AI has the ability to malfunction or even be hacked. It’s been evident that in earlier years of this technology’s, specifically when the first automobiles came onto the scene, it’s led the destruction and harm to the surrounding area and bystanders.

But while these assumptions, ideas, and beliefs are possible, that won’t stop engineers from pushing for what is considered innovation on the roads. Many people have been in a situation where driving can be a bit of a hassle and stressful, to say the least. Not everyone is the best or responsible driver on the roads and there’s a good chance people’s lives are at risk. With a self-driving car, however, it is entirely possible if made with least chances of malfunctions that these cars can reduce road deaths.

Self driving cars can be a curse and blessing.

More than individual benefits, self-driving cars will help the environment on a greater level. With the talk of pollution and global warming, these cars are also intended to be electric and energy efficient. They’ll come with smart routing systems allowing for spacing between vehicles to decrease traffic, and in addition, one idea is that during long commutes, individuals will be able to work or even rest to focus on one task. A driverless vehicle taxi system can encourage less fortunate or less paid individuals to use the cars to make for easier, safer, and comfortable means of travel.

When it comes to accidents that are sure to happen regardless if there is a driver or not, these self-driving cars are to come equipped with cameras to catch exactly what happened. In the event a crime happens to take place nearby, or involving the passenger, police and investigators will be able to have a clear picture of the situation.

The time is fast approaching, and these new revolutionary cars are said to be coming out soon. Only public opinion will determine if they prove useful or useless.